I’m overwhelmed; In need of help!! Wow. Just wow. I am in complete awe. The summer is over and it has barely left me with time to reflect. I can hardly remember when it started to get hot and it’s already cooling down. What is just as mind blowing is that Moore Ave is still […]

The “Dude Are You In A Band?!?” Tour! Hello Friends; Josh here! I am going to try and do some blogging through our website. I feel like it will be a good outlet for me; or any of the guys; to just write and let stuff out. I’m not sure about you but I cannot […]

WHAT A CRAZY WEEKEND! We’ve gotta split this blog post up into two parts because we never gave you an update on the Blackout Fest pre-show back in September! Brantford was so good to us!  In our first Blackout Fest-related Brantford trip, we were told we couldn’t miss out on the best poutine around, so […]

Now that we are back from our mini-break, here’s what we’ve been up to: Getting ready to release a NEW single (keep your eyes and ears peeled) Selling tickets to Blackout Fest (check out the events page) and of course, lots of practising!   Our latest show at the 765 Bar and Grill was a […]

JEEEEEEEEZ!! You guys are just amazing! We pinch ourselves every day to have friends and family as amazing and supportive as all of you. This last weekend we were able to fit about 40-45 people in our tiny little jam space/house for our release party for our music video for RED  if you haven’t seen […]

It was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to Ironbound at their final show on Friday. What an unforgettable night! It was fantastic to have all of our closest friends all in the same place, playing a show together one last time. Ironbound rocked Norma Jean’s until they couldn’t rock any more and […]

HOLLLLYYY CRAAP! Last night was amazing, we got to hang out with some of our favourite people on earth from Dank City and Coaching For Sara & a few of our greatest friends from Ironbound and Mad Moxxis. Energy was high and attracted the perfect crowd, never before have we had a room of people […]