about us

If you take a walk around the small town of Aylmer, Ontario, you may not see much at first glance. Small, quaint, calm. However, one street in particular – Moore Ave. that is – is anything but quiet.


Emerging from the depths of the underground reverberates a sound that the punk rock stratosphere has been yearning for. A nod to 90s punk rock icons like Green Day, NOFX and Blink-182; Moore Ave. Underground combines angsty vocals, energetic riffs, pulsating drums, catchy choruses and a clear message, into a well defined sound that resonates with punks of all ages.


Passionate punk rock, intricately woven with impactful messaging about the current state of the world. Ah, a simple, refreshing concept isn’t it?


Moore Ave. Underground have been meticulously refining their craft for the past eight years in their basement on Moore Ave., in their hometown of Aylmer, Ontario. They operate as one tight knit unit, a community and a family – quite literally. The band is composed of three brothers, and one life-long friend, who have come together to create something special, something bigger than just music.


Josh Gaudette mans vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe Gaudette takes on the leads, Jack Gaudette provides the bass lines and Shawn MacDonald rounds out the four-piece punk outlet on drums.


Moore Ave. Underground has carved out a name for themselves in the Southern Ontario music scene with a live show that is 100% guaranteed to make you move. However, this isn’t the only reason the name is familiar to music lovers in the area. The band also provides their practice space on Moore Ave. as a venue to host house shows; helping create a safespace for a thriving punk rock community. Whether you’re a local band, or a touring band – making a stop at the underground to play and/or take in a show, should definitely be on your bucket list.


Above and beyond what the band already does for the community, they spread messages of kindness, inclusiveness, empathy, mental health awareness, positivity and love. With drive and determination to boot, Moore Ave. Underground is poised to achieve whatever they set their minds to.


Punk, at its roots, is associated with rebelling against the system. In a time where our world is being continuously ripped apart at the seams, maybe this messaging is exactly the kind of rebellion we need.