Summer twoKonenine

September 5th, 2019

I’m overwhelmed; In need of help!!

Wow. Just wow.

I am in complete awe.

The summer is over and it has barely left me with time to reflect. I can hardly remember when it started to get hot and it’s already cooling down.

What is just as mind blowing is that Moore Ave is still booked solid until the end of October and we have been that way since May…


It may have came and gone without so much as a,

“Hey, my name is Summer what’s yours?”

..but there sure as hell were many memorable moments!

Let’s start with the first one and work our way down the list…


Yup. That’s right. If you don’t remember I sure do!! Moore Ave played Juno Fest!!!

It was a tad controversial I think though. You see we sent our application in with fingers crossed that being a fairly well known local act with an incredible work ethic we would get some love. Especially when the festival is advertised as supporting local musicians within the city the Junos are being held.

Well to no real surprise we were snuffed which rubbed some of the guys the wrong way so we did what any other 20 something year old does when they feel slighted…DISGRUNTLED SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING!!!

In actuality we work very hard to keep any and all socials connected to the band very positive and particular. But this time just felt like the right time to stray from the path.

And hey, it wasn’t for lack of trying! We had many friends and family message and comment and share. Some positive well-wishes toward the future, some warnings against using social media when upset, & many suggestions dealing with removing the posts.

In the end we stuck to our guns and the right people saw that we were more than a little upset and with some mild string pulling Moore Ave got a chance to be a part of the Juno Weekend in London Ontario, Canada 2019!!!


In case you’re oblivious to Moore Ave; we released our first ever EP this past April. With it came a rebrand of our logo & font, as well as a huge push in social media and just everything Moore Ave.

“It’s All In My Head” digitally consists of 5 tunes, 2 of them being the singles we released in 2018. If you are one of the super fans that grabbed a physical copy of the CD you have by now realized there is an extra tune on there called “Sleeping on the Floor” that was recorded separately to the rest of the EP. This tune is very near and dear to my heart and if you haven’t hear it yet then you gotta grab a copy of the EP! (If you just don’t listen to CDs that is okay because there may be a surprise coming this Christmas<3 )

In June, we released a B Side single to “It’s All In My Head” called “Stand Up.”

This song can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. For instance, it started as a break up song that I turned into an empowerment tune.


We released this song because we felt like it’s time for more of us to Stand Up for oursleves, for our peers, our families, and our rights. Specifically speaking against the cuts to education that have been put forward by the Ford Government.

We are hoping to have a video coming for this tune soon that will have some rad footage of our summer tour and us being goofs in The Underground.


For those of you that don’t know. This year, for the 7th year in a row, Moore Ave hosted a local music “Festival” of sorts that raises funds and non-perishables for the local food bank! It’s one of the ways we love to give back to a community that has given so much to us!

Every year we try to top the previous year in monetary and non-perishable donations and this year we swept the floor! We raised $2782.25 and collected 1550lbs of food! We had over 25 acts on stage and hosted a few local art venders.

On top of that it was just a fantastic weekend with incredible sponsors, amazing volunteers, the best local music and some incredible community support!


I got the opportunity to see my favourite band (Alexisonfire) and spend a wonderful weekend in TO with my lovely lady as an early birthday gift! We shopped at the DineAlone Wax on Wheels and drank too much and ate crappy shawarma and stayed in a fancy hotel and it was awesome!

AOF put on such an amazing show, .moneen. opened with a rad as hell set; guitar surfing and all; and I got to see Quicksand for the first time which was an experience and a half!

We got lucky enough to be staying in the hotel that was basically ground zero for the Raptors celebration parade. As a HUGE basketball fan this was a time and a half! I was literally 5 ft away from the Larry OB!!!! GAAAAAAAH it was amazing!!


For the past few years we have taken either the first weekend of August or the last weekend of July off of work and band stuff in order to relax. Shawn’s girlfriend Abbie and I both have birthdays at the beginning of August so we have taken to celebrating them together with a group camping trip!

In the past we have had a few friends come camp with us as well but this year we kept it to immediate band family. We rented a couple of nice lots at Springwater, ate good food, drank beverages and laughed a hell of a lot! This weekend was a refreshing step out of everyday life and I couldn’t have imagined spending it with anyone else!!



Last but not least…

The most amazing weekend of my entire 25 years on earth thus far…

The “Dude, Are You In a Band?” Run with Southbound was absolutely incredible!! 

Every night had great crowds, amazing people, and fantastic music!

We are so thankful to everyone that let us crash that weekend and incredibly blessed by all the bands that we shared the stage with!

We got to mess around in a Hot Topic, loiter at the mall like TV teens, eat some incredible shawarma, learn too much about Jack’s sleeping habits and we added another member to the Moore Ave family in Jeremy Sobocan!

Honestly that guy takes some rad ass pictures and he was too much fun to hangout with.

I was born to do this touring thing. I wanna do it for longer periods of time and way more often!

If you would like you can recap some of the amazing times we had that weekend through our gallery on this site! We have all the shots up from every night.


So, how about you? Did Summer 2k19 pass just as fast for you? What were your most memorable moments?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about by summer! Ya’ll are some of the best fans, family, and friends I could have ever asked for. I am incredibly blessed.

Love you all,