“Dude, Are You In A Band?”

July 24th, 2019

The “Dude Are You In A Band?!?” Tour!

Hello Friends; Josh here!

I am going to try and do some blogging through our website. I feel like it will be a good outlet for me; or any of the guys; to just write and let stuff out. I’m not sure about you but I cannot live with all the shit that goes through my brain on a daily basis. I guess that’s why music has become one of my major outlets!

Anyway, I feel like the first post should be about one of MAU’s milestone moments that is quickly approaching this August; the “Dude Are You In A Band?!?” tour with our best friends Southbound! 

How did we get the name? How did we become best friends? Where are we playing? Why do we get along so well? What was the one moment that truly brought us together?

Learn all of these answers and more as we take a ride into the inner mechanisms of the “South Ave UnderBound” alliance!!! 




The name combinations keep coming! How did we meet? That’s a great place to start I think!

MAU was give the opportunity to play the 12th Annual “BlackOut Fest” based in Brantford, ON. We hustled and hustled to make sure we sold enough tickets to get a great spot on the bill and we also got to play a pre-party show with some new bands we had never met! (Noon In November, Southbound & Among Legends) All of whom are some of our best friends right now! So in Mid-September we made our way down to Brantford to play Club NV for our 2nd of what was going to be 3 times in our history. We had pumped up everything on social media and had an idea of who everyone was that we were playing with and we were way too jazzed! 

We made the trek safely in the recently deceased band van “Albino Dan” and explored the wonders that Brantford had to offer; Namely Lonnie’s, the home of some of the best and most creative Poutine options I have ever heard of! SO we are on our way back to the venue and full of poutine and happiness when we notice a Gaggle of tattooed, short short & PJ wearing dudes. What else was there shout across the yard except…DUDE ARE YOU IN A BAND?!?!

As you can probably guess, that is where the Tour name came from! From that moment on it just felt like we had known each other for so long. We soon connected with everyone else at the venue and loaded in our gear, sound checked and got ready to blast a show! 

At that point, Moore Ave had been  struggling to find bands that we fit with when it came to sound. We aren’t big fans of genre segregation and because of that we have played with and made friends with some amazing musicians but we needed to play with some similar bands to really feel out what we were all about! Let’s just say that this show was THE show that helped us really cement our sound! That, along with the unlimited supply of Beet Chips I brought with us to share among the bands and the ridiculous mosh pit/parking lot shenanigans, we created a bond that cannot be broken!  FRIENDSHIP!

Since that BlackOut Fest Pre-Show we have since played BlackOut Fest 2018 together as well as a few Underground Basement shows! In all of the hangouts I think the moment that truly brought us together was Jack’s birthday house show! We stayed up with the guys until the sun came up! Laughing, joking, jamming, sharing life stories. It was one of the best moments of 2019 so far! 

It hasn’t just been shows either. At least not just ones we have played together. We have made trips to go see Southbound shows and they have done the same for Moore Ave shows! Plus we threw a surprise “No One Likes You When You’re 23” party for Joe’s birthday in March and most of the guys showed up to just party and hang! It has been a pretty rad year of friendship and that’s why when Austin and I talked about both wanting to do our first multiple venue, multiple city, consecutive day mini tour, there was no other band either of us wanted to tag team with!

All of the places we are hitting on this run are sick! It is Moore Ave’s first time playing in TO ever and we are getting the chance to rock out at Sneaky Dee’s right before a Homesick Emo night on August 16th with Among Legends and Call It Out to kick things off. Then Saturday we are back in the hometown of my favourite band playing The Detour Music Hall in St. Catharines for our 2nd with Noon In November and then we are ending it off in KW for our first time at the Pin Up Arcade Bar in Waterloo with New Berlin and our boys in CakeFace! 

We are unbelievably stoked for this mini tour! Do not forget to check out Southbound going solo on the first few dates that Moore Ave cannot make! They are in Cambridge on the 14th and Ottawa on the 15th!

So many good things will come out of this weekend! One of the biggest things on my mind is chatting with the guys about a possible split EP…but that’s just a brain child of mine 😉


So I am going to end off this post by answering a few fan questions from our Facebook page! I feel like this could be a fun thing so if you ever have any questions about songs, about Moore Ave, anything at all; feel free to send them our way and we will answer them!!

Question #1 comes from from Tyler J. Nichol!

“You all have Pokemon tattoos. Did you get them all on the same day? And why did you choose the ones you chose?”

Well Tyler, only 3 of the 4 of us actually have Pokemon tattoos! We did all get them on the same day, it was a 21st birthday gift to me form my parents. We all went to Stay True tattoo and got our favourite Pokemon inked into our skin 5ever! Personally I picked Typhlosion because he is my favourite starter and Gen 2 (S/G/C) is my favourite generation! 

Question #2 comes from Teija Pawloski! 

“Can we just keep riding bikes please?”

Only if we can go butts up and fast!

Question #3 comes from Mandy Gillespie!

“Who is your favourite Aunt? What shampoo do you use?”

An odd two-fold question AUNT Mandy…I will just answer the second one…

I cannot speak for Shawn but I am sure Jack and I just use whatever is in the shower. Joe on the other hand just bought Horse Mane shampoo…hopefully he can Tame the Mane…

Question #4 comes from Lousia Bezaire!

Can you all play each other’s instruments?

Well Aunt Lou, I will YES to that! Jack started out playing drums, Joe started out playing bass. I played bass in a church band for 3 years prior to starting Moore Ave and Shawn reminds us every day what is sounds like to be just another Douche-Bag w/ an Acoustic guitar” haha<3

And our final question for today comes from Emily Kresta!

Dookie or Insomniac?

WHOA!! That is a pretty intense question Emily. I really can’t speak for the other guys here so if it’s just me I say Insomniac. I think both albums are fantastic but I feel like Dookie was and is ridiculously popular and almost every song is a hit that everyone knows the words to. Insomniac having to ride the wave immediately after Dookie kind of puts in in Dookie’s shadow. I think the tunes on Insomniac are just as; if not; more important than the hits on Dookie. But I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that could name a song off insomniac other than “Walking Contradiction” or “Brainstew/Jaded.”

Thank you for reading friends! Hope you enjoyed the information you have received today! Make sure you continue to support local music, business, and art in every way possible! I will post links below to some of the bands I mentioned today! Give them a follow, throw one of their tunes on your work out playlist. Every little bit helps! 

Until next time <3

Josh G

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