Blackout Fest

October 17th, 2018


We’ve gotta split this blog post up into two parts because we never gave you an update on the Blackout Fest pre-show back in September! Brantford was so good to us!  In our first Blackout Fest-related Brantford trip, we were told we couldn’t miss out on the best poutine around, so of course we hit up Lonnie’s. Nobody warned us about the monstrous sizes and we may have over-indulged… No regrets though.  On our way back from Lonnie’s we bumped into our soon-to-be best friends from Southbound! Our first encounter definitely seemed staged:

“Hey, are you guys in a band?”

“Are you guys in a band?”

“We’re in a band!”

“Oh my gosh, we’re in a band!”

What an unforgettable moment that was, lots of laughs and an instant connection. We then gave them the warning we wish we could have gotten: Lonnie’s doesn’t cheap out on the poutine. When we met back up later at the venue, from Jack and Austin’s matching shirts to Josh’s odd beet chip offer, we had a feeling we would get along just fine.
Later that night we rocked out with Noon in November, Among Legends and Southbound. What a killer show with a killer set of bands! All of the Blackout Fest excitement was kicked into high gear that night, and the next weeks seemed to drag on, as we could not wait to jam with our newfound friends yet again! This brings us to this past weekend, our first Blackout Fest.

This incredible weekend began the moment we checked into our hotel. Who would’ve known we had so many potential fans just down the hall. We want to send a big thanks out to the Orillia Terriers hockey team and their awesome families for their support and for hanging out with us over the weekend! When we weren’t playing or rocking out at shows, they didn’t fail to make us feel like rockstars in the hotel.

Our Blackout Fest weekend was crazy, back and forth between venues supporting our friends and favourite bands and it was absolutely fantastic. On Saturday night, we played to our biggest crowd yet & we are still in shock. So much energy and fun packed into such a small time frame. The sound of the crowd screaming our lyrics back at us was beyond belief and unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

Now for a few thank you’s: A huge thank you to everyone who came out or anyone who bought tickets and supported us in any way this weekend! An extra special thank you to Jamie for presenting us with this incredible opportunity. This was a dream come true for us and we look forward to so many more festivals in the future!

Finally, we’re stoked to announce our second single, Can We Just Keep Riding Bikes Please?, available on whatever platform you use to listen to music!

Can We Just Keep Riding Bikes Please? on SpotifyiTunes – and all other music platforms!