Mic Czech

September 19th, 2018

Now that we are back from our mini-break, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Getting ready to release a NEW single (keep your eyes and ears peeled)

Selling tickets to Blackout Fest (check out the events page)

and of course, lots of practising!


Our latest show at the 765 Bar and Grill was a killer one! For the first time ever, we got to share the stage with Cheapside and Stifled. Mad props to Cheapside for rocking their set despite not having their vocalist. That didn’t seem to hold them back and we can’t wait to rock out with them again in the future! As for Stifled, they made a London stop in the midst of their Canadian tour. What an incredible experience to be able to share the stage with a band from half way around the world.

Thanks for the patience and sorry for the lack of life updates! Stay tuned and check out the events page so you can know when to come hang out with us!!