What A Release

August 27th, 2018

JEEEEEEEEZ!! You guys are just amazing! We pinch ourselves every day to have friends and family as amazing and supportive as all of you. This last weekend we were able to fit about 40-45 people in our tiny little jam space/house for our release party for our music video for RED  if you haven’t seen yet check it out below:

Isn’t that SICK?! We wanna send a few thank-yous to all of those who helped in the making of our video: to all the ladies at Johnny’s Resturant who always make us smile and laugh, Jordan and his crew at Maximum Potential Fitness for helping us get swole and letting us use the space to create this bad boy! Alsoooo to Keegan (who is featured a whole 6 times), Nutley, and JJ for helping lug gear, film, and do a decent mix for us during recording this video. You make all of this possible and we appreciate every last thing you do!

Next we wanna say THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND TUNED IN ON THE LIVE STREAM!!Your support does not go unnoticed!! And thank you Caleb, Jaiden, and Nutley for doing a great job as our security crew! Nothing went wrong but we love to have you boys just in case.  Big thanks to Glass Lung and Rebel Cell for playing your first ever show in OUR basement, you absolutely killed it! And as for Specks: Wow. Just wow. Closing off the night with an amazing set full of raw punk bringing us back to the roots! We love you all and hope to play with all of you again in the near future!

Much love & a final thank you to EVERYONE <3